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Class photo featuring some of our newest (and oldest) students, June 2017

Welcome to our online dojang! The Martial Arts Academy of Tang Soo Do is a family-owned and family-focused karate school in Chandler, Arizona, serving the Phoenix East Valley.

We have students of all ages, from toddlers to (almost) 50-year-olds. Our passion is teaching kids important life lessons of responsibility, courage, self-esteem, and self-control through the Korean martial art tang soo do.

Our school is traditional and formal, emphasizing the respect and humility of our art just as much as the physical training. Classes are arranged by age group and by rank, so students are always practicing with their peers.

Our standard curriculum teaches fundamental karate kicks, punches, and blocks, as well as self-defense techniques and standard forms (i.e., routines of 25-30 moves demonstrating technique and concentration).

For those interested in pursuing their black belts through deeper study of tang soo do, our leadership curriculum adds weapons training forms and no-contact sparring. It is amazing and gratifying to see the nearly immediate increases in maturity our leadership students develop, even at the youngest ages of 6 or 7.

We are delighted to meet new prospective students, and we encourage you to come visit our studio with a free introductory lesson. There is no obligation, but be forewarned: you will have an incredible time and won’t want to wait to start your next class at MAATSDAZ!

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Great attendance at the women self-defense seminar! We are very honored to help increase awareness in our community!

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Great job in class last night everyone! Great listening and focus!

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Karate sign is up! We are moving forward and getting bigger! Tang Soo!

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Great leadership classes! Special guest Mr. Boeckman! Thank you so much sir for coming to see our school and help with our classes!

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Bubbles, punches, and floor games! Is there any other way to spend karate class? Tang Soo!

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